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TK Universe, a conference series under direction of SM2D, will be the first of its kind to provide a space where new technologies can be linked with major global markets in need of a modern approach.

TK Universe events will provide a platform for inventive developers to network with business executives and companies in similar fields, whether it is financial, retail, event management, self-sufficiency, or healthcare.

TK Universe Inc.


TK Universe Inc.


TK Universe Inc.


SM2D Inc. Competitive & Collective Intelligence

Founded in 2006 and based in Austin, TX, SM2D focuses on aggregating, augmenting, and amplifying innovation. TK Universe is SM2D’s summit conference series that concentrates on showcasing new technologies and incorporating them into major worldwide markets.

SM2D’s team of experienced entrepreneurs is able to create value for its clients through licensing, while keeping them protected in every possible way. Through what is internally referred to as “collective and competitive intelligence,” proper legal, fiscal, and marketing packaging allows for efficient and fast access to markets in which demand for particular products and concepts already exists.



Connecting the unbanked to financial institutions by creating a universal standard for transferring cash and electronic money to anyone, anywhere.

Improving events by providing event management with technologies that enhance the experiences of both the audience and the staff.

Connecting clients with technologies that make retail more efficient through advances in inventory records, business analysis, payment methods, and customer retention.

Sharing technologies that allow both health professionals and the public to distribute, manage, and protect medical data, while improving medical information gathering techniques and incorporating systems that keep the client’s needs in mind.

Bridging the gap between micro-communities and sustainable technologies by creating solutions for grid-connected and off-grid structures.



Past Events

Eco Austin 2015

Partnered with the French Consulate, SM2D created this event to open up discussion and showcase innovative technologies for green energy and clean water with specific application to micro-communities.

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Eco France 2016

Set against the charming French countryside in the village of Lourmarin, TK Universe will host its second eco conference where discussions will be held on alternative energy, sustainability, and clean water.

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Financial France 2016

With a focus on the future of financial transactions and the unbanked, TK Universe’16: Financial France gathers some economists, policymakers, and technologists to debate and share perspectives on the current state of fintech.

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